Development of narrow truck in collaboration with DAF Trucks

We have developed and conducted the following work:

Front axle: Dismounting and reduction of front axle, changing of consoles, steer arm, and steer rod, replacement of parable springs with specifically low air suspension, mounting of raiseing-/lowering contacts in the the drive´s cab, Mounting of 265/7oR19.5 – tire with bigger carrying capability, mounting and measuring of steering gear.

Back axle: Replacement og twin-wheel for single mounting of specific wheel rims on 445/45R19.5 tires with changed inpressing, change of the placement on div. valves and air bellows for air suspension.

Front- and back axles: Delivery and mounting of “dump-valves” on front- and back axles with contact in the driver´s cab, as well as mounting and adjustment of special consoles for powerful bump stops.

Driver´s cab: Chane of steps, fender/bumper, screens, driver´s cab corner, front panel, front grate, air filtering (plast- and glassfiber) as well as adjustment of pipes. Manufactoring ans´d mounting of fittet mirror arms and mounting brackets for the mounting on front instead of the doors, and delivery and mounting of cameras as a replacement for cyclist mirrors.

Result: Max. width of 2.000 mm (+ sideview mirrors at normal driving), max. height of 2.650 mm operational.

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