OA Opbyg ApS is one of the leading producers of guided and hydraulically driven axles, which gives better maneuverability.

The company has come a long way since its inception in 1991, when Ole Andreasen, founded the company.
Said in all modesty, which is of the management’s nature, OA Opbyg ApS has in the last four years witnessed a
great success – a success which stems from the professionalism and unique products, great service and an employer beyond the usual.

Ole Andreasen was a truck mechanic at heart.

He was the atypical director, not in tie and suit, but in overalls. He was most comfortable in the workshop where he came up with the unique ideas that have created the company’s success. It is no coincidence that Ole Andreasen among employees and customers was known as “Ole the inventor”. Today the company is lead by the next generation, as Michael, Ole´s son, has taken over the company after his fathers retirement. Michael is running the company from the office, all the while the workshop is run by the companys great employees.

OA Opbyg ApS has, over the last couple of years, been able to continue the growth and are therefore able to offer some innovative ideas and solutions to many different types of problems.

Professional staff

It is Ole Andreasen and his son Michael, who has been around since the early beginnings in 1991 that represents the company. However, OA Opbyg ApS is far from a one-man company.

OA Opbyg ApS would not have created the impressive results, were it not for the professional employees who form the backbone of the company.

The management and employees is one unit. A tightly knit team, where everyone are involved in the process towards one common goal: high quality and unique products.

“It’s been a fantastic development, but we also think that we deserve the success. We have worked very hard for many years to create a product of extremely high quality,” said Ole Andreasen.